Which Of Our Buffet Menus Is Best For You?

A-Selection-Of-Handmade-WrapsAs one of the most notable companies offering catering in Cardiff, we do our utmost to provide the widest selection of food we possibly can.

Always putting quality before quantity, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve gained as being able to offer various different buffet options for almost every occasion, whether that’s for a themed party or a formal business event.

Due to the fact we really do aim to offer a great selection of different buffet options, we have several menus available, all of which are tailored to certain situations and scenarios – and it’s important you fully understand what you get with each one to ensure you pick the right option for your event.

Set Buffet Menu

The staple menu when it comes to buffets, this menu is often the one of choice for most business events.

With various options on it, the cheapest – The Working Lunch – provides a selection of sandwiches, a bowl of mixed fruit, a homemade cake and crisps.

Going up to the next level, Kate’s Feast, offers sandwiches, roasted potatoes, pies and a whole load more.  You can also add a variety of extras to any of the options easily and affordably (for instance, an extra bowl of fruit costs just £1.00 per head).

Presentation Buffet Menu

Packed full of top quality foods, making them ideal for a more formal event, what we’ve done with our presentation buffet menu is mix fixed prices and the ability to choose your own foods together.

Split into three separate prices, you’re free to pick whichever foods you wish from the wide variety we include on this menu.

For example, the £12.95 option means you can choose three items from the fish and meat selection, two from the pie and quiche selection, three from the salads selection and two from the desserts selection.  Plus, you also get a cheese selection and seasonal breads and butter with this option.

And with things such as slow roasted pork, smoked salmon and a mixed continental salad available, you can be confident the food really will turn heads.

Themed Menus

Although we know people love the traditional foods of buffets, we like to be a little different at Kate’s Kitchen on occasion and it’s because of this why we’ve got a selection of themed menus, great for whether you’re looking for food to fit in with your themed event or just want something a bit different.

From Mediterranean through to Welsh, the whole aim is give you something that’s going to make you feel right at home, wherever that might be!

Create Your Own Buffet Menu

And if one of the above buffet menus doesn’t suit your needs, it’s time to create your own.

With five options available, you simply pick and choose whatever it is you’d like us to provide you with.  All coming with a variety of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cake as standard, you can then add a whole range of other options (quiches, pies, tempura king prawns – everything!) and we really do try to cater for everyone’s tastes.

We’re confident that we have a buffet menu option for everyone at Kate’s Kitchen.  Having been caterers in Cardiff for many years, we really do want to satisfy every single customer, so if you can’t find something you’d like, please just let us know.

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