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How Much Of A Role Should Budget Play When Choosing Food For Your Event?

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If you’re arranging an event, it’s almost guaranteed that you’re going to have some type of budget in mind for the whole occasion.

It might be something in writing that you can spend if it’s a business event or it could simply be an idea in your mind of how much money you want to lay out based on your savings if it’s something like a birthday party

Within this budget, no matter how much it is, something is always going to have to be allocated to food and drink.

But how important should your budget considerations be when choosing food for your event? It obviously needs to be thought of, but should you always be watching the pennies when working out what food to offer?

It can actually seem like a difficult one to answer, as there are two clear arguments.

The first is that you obviously don’t want to go over budget or spend too much on food that you don’t have money left for everything else, whether that’s decorations or stationery.

You therefore need to keep a close eye on what you’re spending for refreshments and ensure they cost as little as possible.

The second is that you want to be doing your utmost to fully satisfy everyone who attends the event and one of the key ways people remember an occasion they’ve attended is by the food that’s on offer.

Therefore, if you provide the best food you possibly can, irrelevant of how much it costs, you can pretty much guarantee you’re going to have a successful event.

The problem is, both of these arguments have their obvious downsides and it’s because of this reason why as experienced caterers Cardiff, we always recommend you try to find the perfect middle ground between the two, something we can actively help with.

Simply put, you need to have a budget in mind of some sort for food – and you will have, even if you don’t realise it. For example, if your event budget is £1,000 and the only other necessary cost you have is room hire at £250, that means you have £750 available.

OK, so that isn’t likely to all be spent on food, but you understand that everyone has some type of budget to work with.

However, you also need to take into account what food is going to be most suitable for the event, generally in terms of what people are going to want to eat.

What we recommend doing because of this is drawing up a rough idea of what you want to be providing. We’re not talking about specific food items here, but just a general idea.

Do you want tea, coffee and biscuits or are you looking for a full, hot buffet? If it’s the latter, should it include fish or should you just stick to chicken and vegetarian options?

The reason we advise you do this is when you have this information to hand and you contact us, we can then work out what’s going to be the best option for your budget. This is based on the menus we have available and the experience of catering we’ve developed over the years.

No matter what the event is you’re requiring catering for, you want to satisfy the attendees, but also ensure you spend within budget and we’re confident that by following the above, that’s exactly what we’ll be able to ensure happens for any of your catering in Cardiff needs.

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