3 Reasons We Are The Cardiff Caterers You’ve Been Looking For

kates-kitchenAs a catering team in Cardiff, we know we have a lot of competition when it comes to supplying customers with good food and high quality catering, so what we want to do here is show you that we are the best out there for you and your event needs.

Like we said, we know that when you want a team of caterers for an event you are planning – or even if it is just for them to provide you with your lunch during the day – there will be a lot of choice open to you; but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are all the right fit for you.

You can’t always rely on people just because they are involved in the industry you are searching through, you need reasons to choose the company you do, and that is why we are going to give you three good reasons why us here at Kate’s Kitchen are the best caterers in Cardiff.

1.  Experience

Kate’s Kitchen was started in 2001, combining a love for all things culinary with a catering knowledge from running a hotel and restaurant in Porthcawl for the previous five years – and it has been a huge success!

Over a decade later the company has gained a reputation for offering high quality catering in Cardiff, providing fantastic food to satisfied customers for a range of different events.

We have a wide range of experience, from event catering to buffets and conferences, and our knowledge bas on how to do it right is growing all the time.

2.  Knowledge

Because we have been involved in the food and catering hospitality arena for so many years, we have a huge amount of knowledge which we are confident is second to none when it comes down to it.

We love having the ability and the knowledge that will show our customers and clients they can rely on us with their food and catering queries.

3.  We love food

As cliché as this may sound, our love for food and drink really doesn’t have any boundaries.  We obviously have our own tastes as to how we’d personally cook and eat our own food, but we love the fact everyone’s different and discussing this with you is something we genuinely love doing.

So whatever it is you want with your catering requirements, contact us and we will help you achieve everything you wish to with our catering.

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