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Cardiff Caterers Kate’s Kitchen Launch New Menus

Today is the day when a whole new range of delightful treats becomes available to you from leading Cardiff Caterers, Kate’s Kitchen.

The new menu range includes four specific categories: Breakfast Menu; Classic Menu; Buffet Menu and Celebration Menu. Each offering a tantalising assortment, of appetising meal options, to suit every occasion.

First we will consider the Breakfast Menu, this menu really will allow you to ‘fuel the tank’ ready for an action packed day. The range of options extends from bacon rolls, to croissants and jam, from freshly percolated coffee to hot chocolate and from Danish pastries to fresh fruit salad. There really is something to suit ever appetite and every palette.

The Classic Menu features a variety of both sandwich or wrap options with various breads and fillings to choose from as well as several suitable accompaniments, such as mini sausage rolls, plaice goujons, samosas with hot chilli dipping sauce and home made cake of the day, to help complete this lunchtime feast. There is even a sandwich free offering of spicy couscous, for those who would prefer this instead.

Cardiff Caterers Kate's Kitchen
Image by : jon oropeza
source : flickr

The Buffet Menu offers once again a wide assortment of sandwiches, however this menu really does allow you to be very creative with an extensive selection of delicious accompaniments to choose from including, quiches, pies and tarts, both meat and fish dishes, a selection of vegetarian and salad options together with an extensive assortment of sweets. This menu really will allow you to create a feast for those you are entertaining and with 5 tiers of pricing, this can easily be done to keep within budget.

Finally, we have the Celebration Menu, which really does offer something special and will, with no doubt impress anyone lucky enough to be on the guest list. The menu is once again presented in tiered pricing, to enable you to budget accurately. However, there appears to be no compromise as you progress through each tier in terms of the appetizing dishes within each, as each one allows you to choose from the same delicious offerings, to create your own specific menu. Choose from slow roasted pork, to Louis’ pasta salad, from moroccan salmon, to goats cheese & spinach quiche from pavlova, to Swiss apple tart. The combinations are simply endless and if by chance you do find something missing, Kate and Antonio will be only too happy to discuss this with you, so you can most definitely, design your perfect menu.

So if you require the services of Cardiff caterers, then be in no doubt that Kate’s Kitchen has a menu that will suit the very occasion that you are organizing and are ready to discuss your requirements with you.