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Packed Lunch Help for Back To School

Back To School for some means a return to domestic routine but for others it can mean chaos in the kitchen, preparing the ‘packed lunch’, before the rest of the world awakes. Need some help ??
Cardiff caterers – Kate’s Kitchen, prepare a variety of packed lunches to suit any sized appetite and palette. So if you have a family to prepare for, before you start the ‘day job’, then why not take the pressure off and limit the workload – why not pick up a packed lunch on the school run, on the commute to work or even take delivery whilst at your desk. It couldn’t be easier !

Packed Lunch by Cardiff Caterers
Source: Flickr : Jules

What is a chore for you is certainly not for us. We offer a wide range of options, which include the highest quality ingredients and the finest quality breads. Sandwiches or baguettes are available with a variety of generous fillings and are complimented with both a sweet and savoury snack, together with a choice of drink.
If you have a special dietary requirement, then this poses no problem to us either, simply ask and we will put together a lunchtime menu that fits the bill.
So if you are being challenged before the day begins to prepare a well balanced meal, which needs to tempt and satisfy at lunchtime, when all you real want to do is squeeze in a few more moments of slumber, then contact us and we will come to the rescue.