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Cardiff Caterers Help You Plan your Christmas Party !

Planning a work Christmas party is for some a daunting prospect as it is ‘the’ party, that almost every employee is likely to make the effort to attend. So it needs to be an event that satisfies all and memorable for all the right reasons. So where do you begin ?
Image by: Thomas Maurer

 Agree the Date

Believe it or not, at Cardiff caterers, Kate’s Kitchen we are already taking bookings to cater for Christmas events, for both business and private parties in and around Cardiff. It seems that as soon as the kids go back to school we are all focusing on the next major event in our calendars and with many retailers beginning to stock products associated with Yuletide, we are all subliminally preparing ourselves for the Christmas festivities. So to increase the likelihood of your event being well attended, it is essential that you confirm the date as soon as possible with your guests and book the caterer.

Agree the Venue

If it is a works party that your are organising then you may well have access to a large function room on site, that will accommodate all of your guests and allow them to get into the party spirit. However, if lack of space is a consideration you may need to find a venue that is conveniently situated for those attending. With our Conference Facilities now located just 15 minutes away from the centre of Cardiff, it is now becoming a popular option for many of our clients when hosting a party. It also means that you too can be whisked away at the end of the night along with your guests rather than be the one who has to lock up and secure the premises.

Agree the Price

Whether your party is to be paid for by your employer, employees or the host, it is essential to confirm the budget and price per head. As soon as you know how much money you have to spend you can begin to get creative with your menu !

Agree the Menu

This is when you can really exploit our expertise to design a menu, which will excite and satisfy your guests. We have two Christmas themed menus within our portfolio for those who want a more traditional variety of nibbles. However, for those who want to opt for something a bit different then our Prestige buffet menu offers a wide range of dishes, which will allow you to incorporate an array of more exotic options, if you so wish.

When all this hard work is done, you can leave the rest to us. Your guests will be more than well catered for and your party will no doubt be remembered for all the right reasons, well into the new year and beyond !