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Cardiff Caterers provide lunchtime Sandwich Sensations

The first record of the popular sandwich dish many of us indulge in daily can you believe, dates way back to the first century when nuts and herbs were served between unleavened bread as part of the Jewish Passover holiday. However it was not given its familiar title until much later in the 16th century, when John Montague the Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792), who upon refusing to leave his gambling table, would order salt beef between two slices of toasted bread to be served to him, allowing him to continue to play and eat at the same time. Onlookers who fancied the same serving would then shout “I’ll have the same as Sandwich” and hence the meal was named.

This multi tasking is something that remains with us today, with many of us now often trying to juggle a few extra tasks with a lunch break, in our busy daily schedules.

Fortunately though, this humble meal itself has significantly changed over time, with far more sophisticated fillings now being served between a wide choice of breads, making it a hugely popular choice of meal, at any time of the day.

At Kate’s Kitchen we cater for this demand by offering a wide range of packed lunch options, which include sandwiches with your choice of filling, combined with snacks and a drink to supplement your meal. What’s more we even deliver them to your desk meaning that you can fully utilise your lunch break and keep your finger on the pulse with one hand, whilst using your other to eat your meal.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling ?

The most difficult decision is choosing the filling. The current no.1 is in fact egg mayonnaise which seems quite a simple choice when you consider that the range now extends to include such tantalising options as Coronation Chicken, Bacon, lettuce and tomato, more commonly know as the BLT, Bacon and guacamole, beef and horseradish or smoked salmon and cream cheese. However traditional fillings are also incredibly popular and include cheese and pickle, roast chicken and stuffing or ham and mustard.

Sandwich sensations by Cardiff Caterers
Image by: cyclonebill

The choice is wide and vast and then of course you need to consider the choice of bread or even baguette. Our bread at Kate’s Kitchen is of the finest quality so you really can be guaranteed a lunch time delight which will have you coming back for more on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So don’t deliberate on how and when to make your lunch – leave that to us, as specialist Cardiff caterers and we will make sure that you will have a lunchtime sandwich sensation that will more than satisfy.