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3 Services We Offer Outside Of Traditional External Lunch Catering

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When most people think about external catering, their first thoughts are generally towards lunches for a business meeting.  Sandwiches, quiches, pastries, crisps.  All of the usual foods you’d expect to see when you’re having lunch at work during a meeting.

And as part of our catering Cardiff services, we can without doubt provide such lunches and we regularly do – but they really are only one of the numerous services we offer.

Providing something for every occasion, the following three services give you a good idea of what else you can expect from Kate’s Kitchen.


The most important meal of the day, we know that early morning meetings can be more than a little challenging (especially when it’s freezing outside – and so often inside, too!), so what better way to make your meeting more enjoyable than offer a tasty breakfast?

We can provide everything from fresh filter coffee with croissants and Danish pastries right through to pancakes, bagels and the favourite for so many, bacon baguettes!

With a number of healthy alternatives and juices also available, prices start at just £1.40 per person.

Packed Lunches

When you’re out and about, it can be difficult finding somewhere to stop for a bite to eat that suits everyone.  The whole situation only gets more complicated when there’s more than a handful of people to think of!

With our packed lunches, we essentially take that potential headache away by providing lunches to suit everyone’s individual tastes, with prices starting at just £3.95 – and even those are packed full of food.

Including one sandwich with a filling of your choice, a soft drink, a chocolate bar, a packet of Walkers crisps and a mint crisp chocolate, for £1.80 more you can have an extra sandwich and a slice of homemade cake of your choice.

And if you’re still unsure that’s going to be enough, it’s worthwhile knowing we have to use triple sandwich boxes for all of our sandwiches as we use so much filling!

Conference Facilities

After offering external catering to conferences for many years, we’re now delighted to be able to offer not only the catering you need for your conference, but the room and facilities.

With our new premises being at the Diamond ground in Whitchurch, Cardiff (just 15 minutes from the city centre and five minutes from Junction 32 of the M4), we have two fantastic conference rooms available for hire.

Costing only £100 and £150 each (holding up to 30 and 80 people respectively), each of our conference rooms come with wireless internet, a flip chart, audio visual equipment and pens and paper for all attendees (a charge of £20 applies for use of the video projector).

And you don’t have to worry about parking, either – we have an extensive car park for 100 cars.

At Kate’s Kitchen, we simply want to provide the best catering in Cardiff we can.  Continually developing the menus and general services we provide, we’re confident we can meet any of your catering requirements, no matter how big or small they may be.