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Catering In Cardiff – What Exactly Do We Offer At Kate’s Kitchen?

When we setup Kate’s Kitchen in 2001, our aim was simple – we just wanted to provide the highest quality food we possible could for events in and around Cardiff.


We’d gained a huge amount of knowledge running and working in restaurants and hotels that we felt we knew what was wanted, what would work and the best way to do deliver it. And we’re happy to say that with a few tweaks and changes along the way, we’ve managed to do as we originally set out – and still do it over 10 years later!

We like to think we’re a little different when it comes to catering in Cardiff. We don’t just aim to meet expectations, but exceed them in every sense. Offering a range of different catering options, we thought it would be great to give you an introduction into exactly what it is we can provide.

Of course, you know we provide catering for events – and we really do aim to cover as many different types of events as possible, from small birthday parties right through to large corporate galas – but it’s the food that most want to know more about. And rightly so!

Using only the freshest ingredients we can get our hands on, almost all of our buffet items are created in our kitchen. Knowing the importance of presentation, we also always aim to ensure the stainless steel serving trays you have at your events look exactly as they did when they left our kitchen.

In terms of the actual buffet food we can provide, that ranges hugely depending on your requirements, but we have seven different menus that generally cover everyone’s needs (and if you have a read through and they don’t, just let us know!).

Set Buffet

This is the menu that most of our customers first look at, as it’s what we consider a standard buffet menu.

Covering everything from a ‘Working Lunch’, which consists of a range of well-filled sandwiches, a mixed bowel of fresh fruit, homemade cake and Walkers crisps through to ‘Kate’s Feast’, where you receive sandwiches, wraps, roasted baby new potatoes, homemade chicken and ham pie, spinach and goat’s cheese quiche, Thai marinated King prawn skewers, pita breads filled with humous, lettuce and cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and red pepper bruschetta and profiteroles dipped in rich dark chocolate, prices on this menu start at just £4.35 per person, making it an affordable option for everyone.

Create Your Own Buffet

We know that the options in our set buffet menu aren’t going to suit everyone’s needs, so we’re more than happy to provide catering based on your exact requires, which is where this menu comes into play.

Allowing you to pick and choose exactly what it is you want to receive, prices start at just £4.35 for one and half rounds of sandwiches, fresh fruit, homemade cake and Walkers crisps and increase depending on how much food – and what food! – you need.


We love our breakfast menu, as we know how much of a smile you can put on someone’s face by just providing a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich before an early morning meeting!

Able to offer everything from tea and coffee (at £1.40 per person) right through to a full continental breakfast (£5.30 per person), there’s something to suit everyone here, whether you’re looking to be particularly healthy or not!


Perfect for offering a little something mid-morning, our elevenses menu generally consists of tea, coffee, juices and then a vast array of different cakes!

Our personal favourites are Bara Brith and Millionaire’s Shortbread, but we have a huge amount of choice and the price for a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake is just £2.10 per person.

Packed Lunch

Ideal for when you’re on the move, our packed lunch menu has been designed to cover everyone’s individual tastes.

Prices start at just £3.95 per person and for this we provide a sandwich with a filling of your choice, a soft drink of your choice, a chocolate bar, a packet of Walkers crisps and a mint crisp chocolate (and for less than £2 more you could have an extra sandwich and either a piece of homemade cake or a danish pastry!)

Presentation Buffet

When you’re looking for something special, this is the menu you need to be reaching for!

Our presentation buffet offers everything from slow roasted pork and marinated chicken skewers through to smoked salmon, crayfish salad and such an extensive range of salads, potatoes, pies, quiches and desserts that you’re likely to have a bit of trouble deciding what to have!

With prices starting at just £8.95 per person (which provides two items from the fish and meats selection, one from the pies and quiches selection, two from the salads selection and two from the desserts selection, as well as seasonal bread), it really is the perfect choice when you’re looking for something a little special from your catering.

Themed Menus

Whether it’s for work or home, our themed menus can add a whole other dimension to your event catering and really make the food a talking point.

Our Mediterranean menu, for example, provides a selection of well-filled sandwiches, seared garlic and herb chicken and Mediterranean vegetable skewers, authentic Mediterranean dips with pitas, mozzarella and basil salad, classic Spanish tortillas and a dessert of tiramisu – and it costs just £6.95 per person! (we do great Welsh and Christmas themed menus, too!)

As we hope you’ll see, our aim is to cater for everyone and we believe we can do just that!

We love providing high quality catering in Cardiff and really do love our work.  From preparing the food to speaking to our customers, it makes it all worthwhile knowing the service we deliver always exceeds the expectations of our customers – we really couldn’t ask for anything more.

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